Carpenter Ants


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Wood Protection Company focuses on Integreted Pest Management
(IPM) concepts. IPM combines practices like physical exclusion,
habitat modification and reduction, moisture management and
botanical repellents with the judicious use of pesticide
products when necessary. By practicing IPM, the need for pesticide
products is reduced overall, and in some cases, eliminated altogether.

When Pesticides are employed; applications are made in the safest
possible manner, using only EPA-approved methods and
EPA-registered products. All pesticide products are chosen not
only for effectiveness, but also for extremely low toxicity to mammals
(including humans).

Thorough knowledge in subjects like wood science, entomology,
wildlife biology & behavior, chemistry and building construction are
used to determine the ideal solution in solving customers' pest issues.

And, of course Wood Protection Company is fully licensed and insured.

"Customer safety and satisfaction are top priority at
Wood Protection Company. I guarantee it."

-Jim Houghton, Owner